Lynn Kurland (1970 – )

Lynn Kurland’s career as a writer was foreshadowed when she first put pen to paper at five years old and began writing short stories about Clayton, a poor boy who consistently found himself in trouble.

At the time, she lived in Hawai’i, but she moved to the mainland U.S. a short time after. However, it wasn’t until she was introduced to romance novels in college that her passion for writing truly began. Her frequent genres include fantasy romance, time travel, and historical novels. Her first book, Stardust Of Yesterday, was published in 1996. This novel earned her two RITA awards, the highest award of distinction available in the genre of romance fiction. Stardust of Yesterday launched two different series about the Macleod and de Piaget families, which has resulted in over 20 novels and short stories about the two families. In 2004, she launched her Nine Kingdoms series, which contains over ten books and short stories. Over her career, she has received 13 literary awards. Her novels, novellas, and short stories masterfully intertwine characters from other of her novels, creating a rich world for readers to submerge themselves.

Books by Lynn Kurland