Book Collecting

Henry T. Coates

In 1848, Robert Porter and Charles Davis founded Davis & Porter Company, a Philadelphia firm specializing in the printing of trade and art books. When Henry Coates joined the firm in 1867, it was renamed Davis, Porter & Coates. Davis retired in 1867 and the firm was renamed Porter & Coates. In 1869, G. Morrison Coates, brother of Henry Coates, joined the firm. 1895, founder Robert Porter retired, and the firm became Henry T. Coates & Co. The company became famous for creating Home and Garden magazine and publishing the Horatio Alger Junior titles. In 1904, Coates retired and sold the company to John C. Winston.

First Edition Identification

First Editions from Henry T. Coates either display “Printed (Month, Year)” on the copyright page or have the same date on the title page and the copyright page with no additional printings indicated on the copyright page.