Rare and Antiquarian Books

The Art of the Book

Book Arts

Illustrations, photographs, and hand-drawn pictures are all important parts in the relationship between literature and physical art.

Fine Bindings

Vellum and gilt, dentelle and letterpress. These are some books that deserve to be judged by their covers.

Fine Press Books

Fine Presses are publishing companies that specialize in high art in literature, and often produce deluxe and special edition of famous and rare books. Alderbrink Press and Daniel Press Oxford are some of the oldest fine press publishing companies, and there are many more that publish limited and deluxe editions of your favorite titles.

Fore-edge Painting

Not all illustrations are inside books. Some of the most fascinating paintings are on the very edges of the pages!

Illustrated Books

Words on paper foster imagination, and sometimes inspire illustrators to describe the written tale with accompanying pictures.


Size really doesn't matter with these books. Often hand-crafted with skill and expertise, these books are quite valuable. Sometimes the most important words can be found on the tiniest pages.


Typography is the art of the very letters themselves that compose the content of each book. The history of typography is intricate, and here are some books about the ancient tradition.